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Upholstery in general can be difficult to thoroughly wash, and its finish is easily damaged due to products used. Our upholstery cleaning service has the answer to not only clean your sofa, curtains, rugs, carpets, seats, cushions, mattresses, and much more, but also disinfect without the use of chemical products that may harm their finish/feel.

We use various methods to clean: water Injection/extraction machine with special upholstery product or hot steam generator depending of conditions.

Regular upholstery cleaning keeps fabric furniture looking its best, and also removes odors from pets, cigarette smoke, cooking, and even air pollution. Proper upholstery cleaning services prolongs the life of your furniture and also makes it more comfortable for sitting! DIY upholstery cleaning and everyday touchups are effective for removing many food stains and other minor imperfections, and can ensure that stains don’t set and become permanent. However, professional upholstery cleaning services are vital for deep cleaning and ensuring that your furniture always looks its best.

Why Regular Upholstery Cleaning Is So Important! Getting out spots and stains is needed to keep your furniture looking its best, but there are many other reasons why you might consider regular upholstery cleaning services from the professionals. One reason is that homeowners often go “nose blind” to smells trapped in their home’s furniture, not realizing that couches and other materials tend to smell musty and otherwise unpleasant over time. Trapped cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, and cooking odors also create a very unwelcoming atmosphere in the home.

It’s also vital to realize that ignoring dirt and dust on your home’s fabric furniture allows those residues to get ground in every day, crushing fabric fibers and creating a flattened look. The longer you put off needed furniture cleaning, the dirtier the fabric and harder it is to remove that dust and debris!

The injection-extraction machine works by spraying a special, non-foaming cleaner suited to the machine, which is spread over the sofa or carpet, then sucked back into the machine again. This method, which cleans then sucks the product up right after, ensures a deep cleaning of the natural or synthetic fibres of your sofa or carpet.

Cleaning upholstery with steam provides a deep cleaning of the textile at hand with steam under pressure at 8 atmospheres and at a temperature of 85-90 °C, with no damage and no stains. During our cleaning process, your upholstery is sterilized, harmful micro organisms are destroyed, and their waste products fully removed.

Steaming favourably differs from dry cleaning because it does not accumulate the remnants of chemicals that affect the skin and the respiratory tract of people who come into contact or that are in the direct vicinity of the upholstery that was cleaned.

We strictly use professional steam generators for any form of steam cleaning, as a result your upholstery will be left looking great and bacteria free!

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2 seater - from 70 euro

3 seater - from 90 euro

4 seater - from 110 euro

Chaise longue - from 140 euro

Other sizes up on request normally 25-30 euro per/seat

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90 cm - from 40 euro

150 cm - from 60 euro

180 cm - from 70 euro

200 cm - from 80 euro

Bed bases - from 50 euro

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from 50 euro

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from 45 euro

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from 10-30 euro

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from 9-15 euro/m2 (depends of condition and style)

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Curtain Steaming

From 20-60 euro per/unit (depending of size)

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Oven Cleaning

From 70-100 euro per/ unit (depending of size and condition)

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Antibacterial treatment with Hot Steam or Ozone

Price up on request

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Minimum service € 70

Displacement within 20 km from Marbella - FREE.

*NOTE VAT 21% is not included in the prices



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