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We use jet wash and foam to clean exterior or in some cases we use steam to clean depends of condition. Very important is drying a car after jet wash, we use hot air blower for drying and microfibre towels. But in case of steaming, benefits of steam is there is no need to dry car.

TuVapor treatments will let your vehicle regain its original colour and shine.

TuVapor car wash treatments wash the car with steam – this is the most thorough and careful form of modern and professional cleaning. The technology lies in the deep cleaning of surfaces with steam under pressure at 8 atmospheres and at a temperature of 85-90 °C, making it easy to cope with contamination and at the same time protect the thin paint-and-lacquer coating from micro damage. Thereby, it preserves the quality of the car’s finish, its original appearance and attractiveness.

We also use steam cleaning to remove bacteria in the ventilation system of the car, where removal is normally only possible with gas. In contrast “traditional cleaning”, steam cleaning does not require drying the cabin for several hours so that the vehicle can be used again.

We strictly use professional steam generators for any form of steam cleaning, as a result your car will be left looking great and bacteria free!


Ozone car treatment it is the application of O3 (gas ozone) to eliminate foul smells, viruses, and bacteria. While doing ozone car cleaning, a car detailer will keep an ozone generator in your car for a specific time, depending on the intensity of the odor. The gas that fills your car neutralizes the odor and kills viruses and bacteria. That is why ozone treatment is the most effective method for removing odors. As a gas, it can penetrate inside vents, far under the seats, saturate upholstery fibers, and reach all the crannies and corners you cannot reach. It is also the most followed method for removing cigarette smoke these days.


Price list


Includes: wash of car body, wash of wheels, inside vacuum, plastic cleaning, windows cleaning

Extra treatments Normal (From) 4x4 (From) Minivan (From)
Anti-outdour treatment steaming 60€ 90€ 140€
Seat cleaning 120€ 150€ 180€
Car Polishing 200€ 250€ 300€
Car body water spots removal 70€ 90€ 120€
Pet hair removal 60€ 90€ 130€
Leather treatment 100€ 120€ 150€
Full interior chemic + steam clean 180€ 200€ 250€
Foggy headlight polish From 60€
Stain removal from 1 seat From 30€
Engine Cleaning From 40€
Nano Ceramic protective coating From 500€ (3 layers)
Door jamb cleaning From 50€
AlloyGator - Wheel protectors From 200€ (Full set/4 wheels fitted)
Car Windows Tinting From 200 €
Ozone car treatment From 40€

We charge extra when very dirty

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