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AlloyGator wheel protectors


Change the look of your car with AlloyGator wheel protectors, discreet wheel protection against kerb damage allowing you to personalize your car through a wide range of colours.

The AlloyGator product is made of a “Super Tough Nylon” which is flexible and wont damage your alloy wheels during fitting, but tough enough to give superior protection

AlloyGators is locked to the wheel over 360° using highly robust patented technology. A true cost effective and durable alloy wheel protection system which vastly reduces the risk of wheel damage and manufactured to an internationally recognised Quality Management System specification for the automotive industry.

4 AlloyGator’s cost only a fraction of getting your wheels repaired

Discreet or Flashy your choice 15 colours available

Cost effective way to protect your alloy wheels

Suitable for all car brands from Fiat to Ferrari

Suitable for 12″ to 24″ diameter wheels

Fast way to change the look of your car

Cover up existing kerb damage

Prevent kerb damage

Price list


Official alloygator dealer & installer for marbella & andalusia

Only 199 Euro per/set (including installation)

Replace 50 Euro per/wheel (including installation)

Repair 10 Euro/wheel or 20 Euro/4 wheels** (including installation)

* Prices Excl. VAT / ** If the customer is not happy with the repair then no charge if they fit a new AlloyGator.



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